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Image of Keziah Osei

Hey there, my name is Keziah "Keyz" Osei (Pronounced Kay-Zee-Uh O-Say). I've been in the construction trade since 2011 and have worked on thousands of projects. After 5 years of working in the trade, I realized I needed to expand my passion into something that would create opportunities for other women and inspire them to obtain skills in the male-dominated trades industry. Since this realization, it has become my mission to change the lives of women by helping create career stability in the trades industry for women of today and future generations to come. As a result, I established Keyz To Your Home Renovations in 2016.


Since 2016, I have worked on over 300 projects including homes, condominiums, schools, churches/religious centres and small businesses. Throughout my six years in business, I have contracted women and non-binary contractors to work with us. My goal is to continue to disrupt the construction and manufacturing industry, an overly male-dominated field, in order to provide jobs and equitable services to underrepresented trade professionals.


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